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Huwebes, Hunyo 4, 2009

Workers Unite! Work Stoppage to Stop Cha-Cha!

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino
June 3, 2009

Workers Unite!
Work Stoppage to Stop Cha-Cha!

Workers and the masses woke up today feeling uneasy, feeling something big has been stolen from them. Indeed something big has been stolen from them. At midnight last night, House Resolution 1109, a resolution to convene Congress as a Constituent Assembly to change the 1987 Constitution was rammed through. It was a classic tale of the thieves at work in the middle of the night – the majority thieves in the House of Congress.

Amidst call from almost all sectors of this nation, once again, the Congress of this nation showed its real color. Showed its blatant disregard of the wishes of people, instead implemented the much opposed wish of the GMA government to extend its term and cling unto power at all cost, and advance its economic interest – to plunder some more the nation’s coffer.

According to Leody de Guzman, President of Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), “We are disgusted of this move of the GMA administration, executed by their minions in the lower chamber of Congress. Everyone knows for a fact what their real intentions are – to extend their term of office, and continue their callous ravaging of the nation’s coffer. It comes in a period where thousand of workers are getting retrenched and the poor getting hungrier by the day.”

“But let us not forget, that, part of their intention to change the constitution is to open up further the nation’s economy through easing out constitutional restrictions, particularly giving full ownership to foreign entities, which according to them, could lure foreign investors in investing in the country. An economic formula that is part and parcel with the export oriented, import dependent economic design. The same economic design that has made our nation so vulnerable to the impacts of the global crisis, which today impacts heavily on the Filipino workers and the poor masses of this nation. An economic design hatched in hell by these thieves in the administration .” de Guzman chided.

“It is even more shameful that these thieves in Congress prioritized the passing of HR 1109, instead of passing the bill extending the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. A bill that has been fought by farmers and peasants, along with its allies, for quite sometime. This is a clear manifestation of what their real intentions are.” de Guzman added.

“We say no to any moves to change the constitution under the present regime. What we need is an immediate reversal of all neo-liberal policies and programs of this nation. We need a systemic change and not charter change!” de Guzman demanded.

“This act of Congress, clearly supported by the GMA administration, should be condemned in the highest degree. We call on all the workers to go hand in hand with other sectors of our society in stopping this callous act of the administration. We call on all our fellow workers to protest and be vigilant. And if this administration will still pursue its intention, we will show the real strength of the working class. We will work to with other organized workers to call for a nationwide work stoppage to finally put a break on this callous act.”

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Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

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