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Lunes, Abril 13, 2020

Statement: Live the spirit of Bayanihan ang Unleash the Power of the Organized Masses


The President appeals for Bayanihan to combat the menace of COVID 19. But asking the people to timidly stay at home and practice physical distancing belies the true spirit of Bayanihan.

Bayanihan is not just about cooperation nor simply conforming to rules. It is more about solidarity and action of the people to overcome enormous challenges in life such as the COVID 19 pandemic.

Much has been said about the weaknesses of current government efforts to effectively fight the growing COVID 19 epidemic. More than oneness and adequacy in our government efforts, the colossal task of defeating an invincible adversary like the COVID 19 can only be accomplished by both government and the people willing to survive and return to their normal daily lives.

The urgency to end and be victorious against the current health challenge will need more than funds but physical power. Our front liners have been extended to its limits. Doctors and other health workers have succumbed to infections and died. Even our state forces have been likewise susceptible to the dreaded disease. The protracted war against COVID 19 is taking its toll on the health and lives of all of those in the frontline. No one is safe and imperishable at this time unless we truly flatten the curve.

Hence, we call on the Duterte government to live up to the true spirit of Bayanihan. Unleash the enormous power of the organized masses in the community. The workforce of the organized masses is society’s reserve army against such social menace. Unleash it and utilize it to supplement our current frontline. A community based-approach that taps the reserved force of the organized working people can help government effort to effectively combat COVID 19 at the community level. Much can be done at the community level to augment our front liners. All is needed is to unleash it and make it part of our social warriors against the epidemic.

⚫️ Utilize our organized communities to make masks, gloves and makeshift protective gear. Supply them with materials and procure it for our mass consumption;
⚫️ Organize community laundry washers to provide service to our front liners;
⚫️ Utilize organized workers in the community to augment our barangay forces, in maintaining not only peace and order but ensuring that we maintain effective social distancing and quarantine;
⚫️ Create community kitchens in every community not only to feed our frontlines but also our poor people;
⚫️ Tap our displaced workers to act as logistics volunteers to ensure more efficient deliveries of goods and services;
⚫️ Encourage farmers and fishers’ groups to engage in community gardens for local food production; and,
⚫️ Task our LGUs to utilize our stranded construction workers to build quarantine facilities.

More can be said and done if you unleash this potent force sitting in our communities The spirit of BAYANIHAN is the spirit of united collective action. The true spirit of Bayanihan is believing in the capacity and power of the people.

Meanwhile, as to funding requirements, we suggest that the employers sector - especially the top ten billionaires that is collectively worth P1.6 trillion - to finance the anti-COVID drive. You were the first to benefit during times of economic prosperity. Is it too much to ask for you to be first to sacrifice in times of crisis? Do consider the proposal of purchasing billions worth of zero interest government securities. The odds are not even a loss nor a breakeven (tabla-talo). You own most firms that produce the people's needs and facilitate the circulation of money and commodities. All of this will eventually end up to line your pockets but before it does, it will trickle down to feed and cater to the needs of a hungry and quarantined population. #

May 1, 2013 rali

Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

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