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Lunes, Mayo 24, 2010

Press Statement - The Thai Crisis is not yet over

Press Statement
May 24, 2010
BMP (Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipno)
Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)

The Thai Crisis is not yet over

The pronouncement of the Thai government that the crisis is over and that it is now focusing its rebuilding efforts is a superficial move. The casualties produced after a month long turmoil is reminiscent of a country where the basis of dissent is totally remarkable. The players were the poor from the north and northeast of Thailand who protest against the marginalization. The issue goes beyond marginalization but turned into a class war. The crisis is very political in nature and as such requires political solution.

The Thai government must answer the brute force that it employed to the protesters that resulted to the killings of nearly a hundred and wounding over a thousand people. We deplore what the Thai government did after the failed negotiation with the protesters. Undoubtedly, human rights and democracy were the biggest casualties of the conflict.

The Thai government should look into the gross violation of human rights. Being the guilty party, they must be responsible of the horrible military solution applied that only led to chaos and disarray and worst undermined the real essence of civilian supremacy.

Doing a military might solution to resolve the conflict only aggravate the situation. They must root out the very reason of the issue why the people drove this far. There is social injustice that continues to haunt the people of Thailand, a legitimate issue that will never die down for as long as this will not be addressed comprehensively.

Now the Thai government is only taking chances. Rebuilding should mean real upholding of basic human rights, addressing the issue of poverty and marginalization. All forms of government –sponsored violence must be dissolved. The Thai government must concretely review its policies to reach out to those sectors who cry for marginalization, poverty and discrimination.

Similarly this unfortunate incident happened a few years ago in the Philippines where the battle of the poor was also articulated. The EDSA Tres fiasco was regarded an act of rebellion that started with Estrada’s claimed to power but in the end became an issue of class war. No amount of rebuilding can be done to resolve the conflict not unless the government has the political will to go over the issue of marginalization, upholding civil and political rights and adhering the reign of civilian supremacy.

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