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Lunes, Disyembre 27, 2010

2011: Another bleak year for the workers

Bukluran ng Manggaggawang Pilipino (BMP) - Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)
December 27, 2010

2011: Another bleak year for the workers, militant labor leaders lamented in a breakfast forum

The ascendance to power of the Aquino administration was the most significant event that took place in 2010. The marginalized sector particularly the workers were indeed hoping that the new government would somehow uplift their worsening conditions brought about by the global financial crisis.

Unfortunately, the first half of the Aquino administration proved its real worth to the Filipino people in terms of its policies. The Aquino government only validated its subservience to the elite and not to the toiling masses.

Unusual occurrence of strikes happened this year and the most glaring was the reaffirmation of the Aquino government to allow the PAL management to outsource its personnel and invoke the management prerogative as the basis of the dismissal of 2,600 employees.

“The PAL case was just a tip of the iceberg, what prevailed this year in terms of labor disputes and concerns would even become bigger or more than doubled for the incoming 2011. The workers have renewed their will to fight and this was concretely proven by the successful strikes they launched in 2010 as in the case of Goldilocks, Arcometal, Imarflex, Procraft, Lakeside, among others.” Leody De Guzman, BMP President, asserted at the weekly breakfast forum held at the Orange Place Hotel dubbed as “Kapehan sa TOP”.”

The breakfast forum was sponsored by the PLM every Monday where they invited Ms. Susan “Toots” Ople to enlighten on the challenges and prospects awaiting the labor sector in 2011.

Mr Leody De Guzman, also the incumbent PLM Executive Vice President, further explained that “What can we expect at the new President who is openly acting as the Chairman of the Board of the Capitalist class and in effect would promote the interests of huge businesses and not the workers.”

The fate of the workers for 2011 lies not on President Aquino’s hand but only for themselves, the emergence of the unprecedented labor unity as a result of the fight for the displaced airport employees is still alive and will further be bolstered by the numerous issues confronting the labor sector like the contractualization and other related concerns.

“The Aquino government is yet to see the fury of the broad labor that is in store for next year. President Aquino is making a wrong signal for this year and can be faulted by the growing discontent of the Filipino workers. He must decisively address the problems of PAL and not just paying lip service to the needs of the Filipino workers.” Mr. Roni Luna, a leader in the CALABARZON Alliance, pointed out. (30).

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