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Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Militants assailed corrupt DOLE officials

Press Statement/Release
May 10, 2011
Militants assailed anew alleged corrupt Officials
hounding in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

Hundreds of members of the BMP and its allied organizations trooped in front of the office of the Department of Labor and launched a rally to denounce over the recent so called “tainted decision” of the results of the Certification Election where 500 votes of the workers submitted by the Goldilocks management were approved and became part of the votes counted together with the 200 protest workers votes earlier contested. The 500 workers votes were not employees of the company.

“Something fishy is happening in the labor Department. The DOLE-NCR decision dated April 27, 2011, signed by Med. Arbiter Atty Simonete Colobocal and reaffirmed by Director Agravante was totally unthinkable and must be investigated. This is a case of corruption and a sell out, the handiwork of a mother and son tandem or a collusion of a mother and father.” Mr. Ronnie Luna, BMP Executive Vice President lamented during the rally.

The decision is a total neglect for the workers and a clear case of corruption. If this will continue, the labor ministry is guilty of a double whammy, injustice and unfairness.

“We are in unison with the DOLE’s crusade to fight corruption in the department. We are also supportive of the government’s efforts to get rid of officials in the same mold of Merciditas Guttierez in the Ombudsman. If this can be done in other government offices, then the floor is now given to Secretary Baldoz to start the clean up. Corrupt and abusive officials in the agency should go and spare no one.” Atty. Jimmy Miralles, Chairman of AGLO (Alliance of Genuine Labor Organization) lamented in the program held during the rally.

“The workers were at a loss in these trying hard times. More so they deserved to be protected and not reduce to being used as a tool for corruption. It is high time that the government should institute a system that will overhaul its manpower devoid of any corrupt and abusive public servants. In this way, the workers are assured of what Pnoy is flaunting, a straight path achieving decency of work.” Leody De Guzman, BMP President, articulated also in the same rally. (30)

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