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Huwebes, Disyembre 15, 2011

The Filipino people’s Christmas wishlist: Genuine Reform for the Masses, Not a Telenovela of the Elite

December 15, 2011
Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP)

The Filipino people’s Christmas wishlist:
Genuine Reform for the Masses, Not a Telenovela of the Elite

As of late, there has been a blitzkrieg of decisions from various branches of government spurred by the infighting among rival factions of the elite.

The impeachment of Corona; The hospital arrest of Arroyo; The detention of Abalos; The court order for the redistribution of Hacienda Luisita; All seemingly sudden events in a “war of attrition and quick decision” by the contending camps of elitist politics.

A swift and passionate display of “political will” by the Aquino regime! But does this audacity truly reflect the people’s will? No. Because this is but an offensive against P-Noy’s political rivals in order to consolidate his control of the state.

These recent events did not ease the daily yoke of poverty and misery borne by the majority of Filipinos – particularly the workers and the poor. Though they are glaring enough to earn their space in the headlines, these incidents are irrelevant to a people facing a bleaker Christmas due to lower pay, higher prices, irregular jobs and massive unemployment.

While P-Noy and his cohorts may reason that these attempts for a “cleansing of government” would eventually lead to the betterment in the lives of the people. We contend that this anti-Arroyo offensive by the Aquino administration has changed nothing in the modus operandi of corruption to the nation’s coffers and perpetuation of “guns, goons and gold” in our electoral system. Whoever believes in P-Noy’s alibi is either an innocent fool or a downright compulsive liar!

The BMP challenges the Aquino regime: Use your “political will” to expedite the passage of pro-poor, pro-worker reforms inasmuch as the Executive has turned the levers to accelerate the impeachment of chief justice Corona. Where is the Congress majority to enact a hike in wages, to defend regular jobs from the scourge of contractualization?

The administration has been blamed for being so “hasty” and “arbitrary” in its maneuvers against Arroyo. But on gut issues that affect the poor and assail corporate interests – such as the oil deregulation law – the Palace has always been too cautious, with Lacierda sounding like a broken record on the “need to review in order to balance all interests”.

To the workers, these latest political incidents are episodes of a tasteless telenovela of elite infighting. Not only do they not address the gut issues of the people. More so, they are not entertaining enough for us to forget our grumbling stomachs. We demand genuine reform!

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