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Miyerkules, Enero 13, 2021

Labor group: workers have nothing to gain from ChaCha that is made for and by oligarchs

Labor group: workers have nothing to gain from ChaCha that is made for and by oligarchs

Workers’ political center, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) denounced the recent proposals for constitutional amendment, led by House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco through the bill filled “Resolution of Both Houses No. 2” (RBH No. 2), as a move done by ruling elites to redistribute wealth among themselves and consolidate their power.

As the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments is set to reopen hearings today to consider changes to the current constitution’s economic provisions, BMP pointed out that workers and other basic sectors wont benefit from a such changes which have excluded them from their inception.

“These efforts to remove the foreign ownership restrictions in our constitution only seek to further the control of the economy by capitalists, beholden only to their global ties and interest. Local elites with their foreign partners have all to profit from opening the country up in the name of competitiveness and economic growth as we have seen time and again from the past decades.” said BMP President Luke Espiritu. 

“Velasco and others are completely wrong in saying that allowing more foreign capital into the country will help it recover from the pandemic. On the contrary, we have learned from the recession that liberalization and globalization of economies only places working people in more precarious conditions wherein they either end up starving without work or earn only a meagre living day-to-day while capitalists of whatever nation, continue to enrich themselves.”

The group also condemned the ChaCha initiatives as exclusionary and opportunistic of politicians. “By pushing for ChaCha, amidst all the crises we have presently, lawmakers have shown their true priority— themselves and their business clients. This is a diversion attempt by them to distract us from the recession, the pandemic and the looming climate crisis and they know that they can only accomplish their true priorities through modifying the constitution so long as the situation is deteriorating and no one can oppose them,” said BMP Chairperson Leody De Guzman.

De Guzman also identified the recent events as yet another move by politicians to entrench themselves in their positions. “Once a Constituent Assembly is formed from the current body of trapos, who is to say that they won’t use the opportunity to also push for term extensions and renewal of their term limits? History has shown that these people only care about are their own pockets and power and now they are taking advantage of this time when the masses are overburdened.” 

Moreover, BMP highlighted the control President Rodrigo Duterte in congress and the senate and his desires to use ChaCha for his own authoritarian agenda. “We know that both houses are in the service of Duterte and we know that he will use the legislature to further repress democracy across the country,” said Espiritu. “He has already stated that he wants congress to use ChaCha to institute federalism and even to overhaul the party-list system which he said was being used by progressive groups to aid communist insurgencies. This laughable considering that almost all party-lists are controlled by trapos and yet also unsurprising as the president will do anything to remove all opposition to his and cronies long-term plan of strengthening their grip on power.”

BMP emphasized that any genuine change from the current situation can only come from the vast majority of working-class Filipinos as Espiritu stated, “Workers and all democratic forces in the country must see that this ChaCha, like others before it, are made for and by oligarchs and must unite against such initiatives by them to diminish the rights, freedom and power of working people.” #

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP)
January 13, 2021

Huwebes, Disyembre 3, 2020

New Security of Tenure Bill Strengthens Contractualization, Worse Than Version Vetoed by Duterte

Press Release
3 December 2020


Socialist labor group Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) vehemently condemned the HoR's passage of HB 7036 on 3rd reading last December 1.

"Despite the addition of higher penalties and fines for erring employers, the new security of tenure bill rushed in the House of Representatives is no improvement from the version vetoed by President Duterte last year. In fact, it is much worse because it expands the scope of allowable fixed-term employment or endo, which now include OFW's and 'relievers' who are temporary replacements of absent regular employees," said BMP President Luke Espiritu.

SB 1826, which was vetoed by President Duterte last year, stipulated that all employees, except those under probationary, seasonal, or project employment, shall be deemed regular.

"Adding relievers as a legal type of bilateral fixed-term employment is prone to abuse and trickery. It provides a gap through which employers can sustain the practice of endo simply by fabricating the status of new hires as replacements. On the other hand, the unnecessary inclusion of OFW's under permissible fixed-term employment sends a signal to foreign countries that our government intends to increase exports of cheap and flexible labor," the labor lawyer added.

Modernizing contractualization

However, according to the group, the most reprehensible feature of the new bill is that, despite its attempt to establish firm strictures against labor-only contracting (like its previous versions), it preserves and strengthens the legal status of third party contractors, which they aver is the most prevalent form of contractualization in the country.

"The bill regulates, and therefore allows, the contracting out of jobs to manpower agencies and service cooperatives that act as middlemen/third parties between a principal company and the worker. In this trilateral work arrangement, workers are deemed direct employees of these job contractors, even though their labor-power is directly consumed and profited from by the principal company. All the work and responsibility of a regular worker in the principal company is afforded them except the status and benefits of being one," Espiritu bared.

The group elaborated that by sustaining the legal distinction between "legal" and "illegal" contracting (job contractor vs labor-only contractor) with clearer conditions and higher requirements, the bill only serves to retool and modernize the exploitative practices of manpower agencies and service cooperatives.

"These changes do not spell an end to contractualization. They merely seek to end primitive contractualization to pave the way for modern contractualization at a time when the third-party contractors can already afford to embrace modern means. HB 7036 virtually tells capitalists: 'you don't need to practice '5-5-5' to keep your workers' wages and bargaining power low. You can contract out their jobs to a middleman. But don't choose the cheap and generic contractors. Choose the slicker, more expensive ones.' HB 7036 dilutes the concept of security of tenure to compliance with these new 'minimum labor standards.'"

BMP has been consistent in its position of abolishing all forms of contractualization in lobbying for a security of tenure bill.

Attack against unions

The group expressed that the promulgation of the SOT bill in its current version would be another crippling blow to unions already struggling to survive the pandemic and recession.

"Mass lay-offs and repression, induced by the pandemic and the Anti-Terrow Law respectively, continue to jeopardize the ability of unions to organize, bargain, and sustain themselves. In its current form, HB 7036 will further undermine unionism because it will increase the ratio of contractuals deployed by manpower agencies to directly-hired regular workers," said Espiritu.

"Already we are seeing the number of agency workers increase as employers are using the current recession as an excuse to union-bust by terminating unionists and replacing them with contractuals. We call on the entire labor movement to organize and unite against the passage of a bill that will bring about the demise of unionism. Junk HB 7036! Abolish all forms of contractualization!" the labor leader exclaimed.##

For reference, please contact: Luke Espiritu

Miyerkules, Disyembre 2, 2020

Mapanlinlang ang isinabatas na Security of Tenure Bill (House Bill 7036).

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino
Dec 2, 2020
Mapanlinlang ang isinabatas na Security of Tenure Bill (House Bill 7036). Ang idudulot nito ay hindi seguridad kundi kawalang katiyakang hanapbuhay sa mga kontraktwal na manggagawa. Hayagang pinayagan nito ang pag-iral ng mga third party service providers gaya ng mga manpower agency, service cooperatives, at job contractors - na nagsusuplay ng mas mura at maamong manggagawa sa mga may-ari ng pabrika. 

Ang problema, hinahanap ng Batasan ang "legitimate contracting" (at, sa matagal na panahon, pinakikitid ang depinisyon ng "labor-only contracting" na ipinagbabawal na ng Labor Code). 

Ang pananatili sa lehitimong pagkokontrata ay alinsunod sa kagustuhan ng dalawa: (1) mga principal employer na nais umiwas sa kanilang obligasyon sa mareregular na mga empleyado, (2) mga kontratista na "laway lamang ang puhunan" ngunit nagkukunwaring may substansyal na kapital, kontrol sa paggawa, atbp., atbp. Ang motibo ay pigain ang mas malaking tubo mula sa mga kontraktwal na manggagawang hindi makareklamo dahil sa banta ng terminasyon ng kontrata at kawalan ng ikabubuhay.  

Sa House Bill 7036, tuloy ang kontraktwalisasyon dahil tumibay ang ligal na batayan nito. Gagamitin ng mga principal employer ang HB7036 para ubusin ang kanilang regular na manggagawa at palitan sila ng mga kontraktwal. Gagawin nila ito nang idinadahilan ang pandemya't resesyon para hindi na sumunod sa mga kinakailangang ligal na proseso sa pagtatanggal ng mga manggagawa (just cause and due process).  

Wakasan ang lahat ng anyo ng kontraktwalisasyon! 

Manggagawang kontraktwal, gawing regular!

BMP hits rallying workers' arrest on Bonifacio Day

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino
Dec 2, 2020

“The unfortunate incident that happened yesterday (Monday, 30 November 2020) commemorating Bonifacio Day is totally unacceptable. We call on the Lapu-Lapu City government to immediately act and release the arrested workers,” Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino — Cebu Chapter (BMP-Cebu) spokesman Teodorico Duran Navea said on Tuesday, December 1.

Navea said police arrested on Monday five individuals who joined the march rally to denounce the “illegal retrenchment” of thousands of workers of Mactan Export Processing Zone Authority (MEPZA) and brought to Barangay Pusok police station.

Later in the day, three of them were transferred to the Philippine National Police (PNP) custodial facility in the public market of Barangay Poblacion while the other two who were union leaders of First Glory Apparel were released after paying some fine.

Navea identified the three who are still detained as Dennis Derige, Joksan Branzuela and Jonel Labrador, all members of Partidong Manggagawa — Cebu. They were slapped with resisting arrest charges.

Martes, Disyembre 1, 2020

Palayin ang Cebu 5

Palayin ang Cebu 5 

Ang Bukluran ay nakikiisa sa panawagan para sa kagyat na pagpapalaya nila Dennis Derige, Myra Opada, Joksan Branzuela, Jonel Labrador at Cristito Pangan - mga organisador at manggagawang naglunsad ng protesta sa harap ng gate ng Mactan Economic Zone noong Araw ni Bonifacio. 

Ang kanilang pagkilos laban sa tanggalan at kontraktwalisasyon ay makatuwiran at makatarungan. Hindi katanggap-tanggap ang walang prosesong pagtatanggal sa mga manggagawa sa dahilan lamang ng pandemya at resesyon. Patunayan ng mga kapitalista na may kongkretong batayan at may proseso silang dinaanan bago sila magtanggal ng manggagawa. Usigin ang DOLE para tiyaking hindi ginagamit ng mga kapitalista ang nagaganap na krisis para lamang sa kagustuhan nilang alisin ang mga regular at palitan sila ng mas mura at mas maamong kontraktwal na manggagawa.  

Ang kanilang kilos-protesta ay ligal na ekspresyon ng kalayaan sa pagtitipon at pamamahayag. Malinaw ang kanilang pagsunod sa mga protocol ng IATF sa inilunsad na protesta. Kaya't hindi maaring gawing batayan ang "physical distancing" at kawalan ng proteksyon (face shield/mask) sa pagdakip sa kanila. 

Ang dispersal at pagkukulong ng PNP Mactan sa mga nagrali ay labag sa konstitusyon at karugtong ng tuloy-tuloy na atake ng rehimeng Duterte sa mga batayang karapatan ng manggagawa't mamamayan. Ang pagiging praning ng PNP ni Duterte sa lahat ng anyo ng pagbabatikos (sa kabila ng ipinagmamalaking 91% trust rating) ay pagtatangkang ikubli ang palpak na pagtugon ng rehimen sa mga krisis sa kalusugan, kabuhayan at kaligtasan bunga ng pandemya, resesyon, at mga kalamidad. 

Palayain ang mga ikinulong! Labanan ang tanggalan at kontraktwalisasyon! Mabuhay ang lumalabang mga manggagawa sa Mactan ecozone!

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP)
ika-1 ng Disyembre 2020

Release Derige, Branzuela and Labrador now! - BMP-Cebu

Press Statement
December 1, 2020

Release Derige, Branzuela and Labrador now!

The unfortunate incident happened yesterday commemorating Bonifacio Day is totally unacceptable.

Five people who joined the march rally to denounce the illegal retrenchment of thousands of workers of MEPZA were arrested and brought to Pusok Police Station and later in the day, 3 of them were transferred to the PNP Custodial Facility in Mercado, Lapu Lapu City while the other 2 who were union leaders of First Glory Apparel were released because they were only charged that is punishable by fine. The three were Dennis:Derige, Joksan Branzuela and Jonel Labrador, all were members of Partidong Manggagawa Cebu and were slapped with resisting arrest charges.

As early as 9:00 am of November 30, 2020, workers of Mactan Export Processing Zone Alliance held a march rally outside the premises of MEPZA on the occasion of Bonifacio Day and put forward the issues of concern to the retrenched MEPZA workers. At around 9.30am, members of Pusok Police Station blocked their path and the leaders were forced to negotiate. The rallyists proposed that they be allowed to hold a short program instead. The police did not heed their plea and arrested the 5 leaders.

The illegal act is reminiscent of previous cases where union leaders and supporters are being harassed using trumped up charges to malign activists and members of civil society organizations.

The Bonifacio Commemoration in this era of the pandemic is very significant to the very lives of the Filipino workers. If Bonifacio were alive today, he could have waged a struggle to put an end to the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Duterte administration.

We must not condone any dastardly act perpetrated by members of local police forces who were supposed to protect and guarantee the rights of every citizen.

The new normal phenomena will further subjugate the workers to intense repression and harassments.

We must not be cowed by any form of this evil doing and persevere in promoting the rights and welfare of the Filipino workers.

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipjno Cebu strongly condemns this blatant disregard of basic humam rights.

We call on the Lapu Lapu City government to immediately act and release the arrested workers.

We call on all freedom loving Cebuanos to join hands with us in promoting and safeguarding our right to peaceable assembly and freedom of expression.#

Lunes, Nobyembre 30, 2020

Pahayag ng grupong PAGGAWA sa Ika-157 Kaarawan ni Gat Andres Bonifacio

Press Release
30 November 2020 


Socialist labor coalition Pagkakaisa ng Uring Manggagawa (PAGGAWA) marched to Mendiola on Bonifacio day to call for comprehensive solutions to the intensifying problems of the working class due to the ongoing economic, health, and climate crises. 

The group held a ceremonial wreath-laying at the Bonifacio shrine in front of Tutuban to honor the national hero before merging with other groups and marching towards the Mendiola Peace Arch. 

PAGGAWA Spokesperson Ka Leody de Guzman declared, "Workers are facing a crisis of epic proportions. We are up against a multiple headed monster that threatens our health, jobs and livelihood, rights and liberties, and the very lives of our families. The labor movement must realize the narrowness and limitations of craft-level and localized trade unionism, which could not fully address the ravages of the pandemic, recession, fascist attacks against trade union and human rights, and climate-induced disasters. Hence, PAGGAWA has collectively resolved to fight for a comprehensive overhaul of state policies and laws in order to protect the rights and welfare of the working class and their families".  

Stop trade union repression, repeal terror law

Among their demands was the immediate end to trade union repression and red-tagging, the defunding of the NTF-ELCAC, and the repeal of the Anti-Terror Act. KASAMA Federation's Larry de Guzman of explained, "The Anti-Terror Law is not only meant to stifle opposition to the Duterte regime, it also gives blanket protection to abusive capitalists, who are now more brazen in their attempts to bust unions and depress labor costs, using the recession and pandemic as pretext". 

Itigil ang tanggalan, kontraktwalisasyon wakasan!

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) President Atty. Luke Espiritu averred, "Employers have been taking advantage of the current crises by terminating their regular workers and unionists and replacing them with contractual workers. The DOLE must declare an immediate moratorium on mass-layoffs. They must impose stricter regulations and verification processes to ascertain that companies are not just exploiting the economic crisis to undermine security of tenure and unionism". 

The group also registered its opposition to the current version of the so-called security of tenure bill (House Bill 7036), "which is being railroaded in Congress in order to expressly legitimize the practice of contractualization". He added, "The lowly condition of cheap and docile contractual workers is proof that the principal employers use third-party service providers (manpower agencies, service cooperatives, job contractors) to rescind from their obligations to regular workers, and in effect, extract more profit from their employees. What we need is not a stricter definition for legitimate contracting nor to impose higher penalties for labor-only contracting, which is now prohibited by the Labor Code, but to abolish this anti-labor practice altogether. We demand an end to all forms of contractualization. 

Public healthcare and aid amid pandemic and climate calamity

Kilusan ng Manggagawang Makabayan (KMM-Katipunan) President Nathanial Clores stated that the recent successive typhoons have worsened the poverty and misery of the Filipino majority, who have been reeling from the effects of the pandemic and the reccession. "In allocating government budget to reinvigorate the economy, the immediate needs of the workers and the poor must enjoy primacy over the clamor of the propertied elite for bailouts from actual and projected loss. Continuous aid must be given to typhoons and hte unemployed. The state must invest to strengthen our its systems for public health and disaster resiliency. Initiate the transition from dirty energy to clean renewable energy. These thrusts will generate decent and green jobs that can ensure our protection from future crises," said Clores. 

The march was also joined in by unions of various private hospital workers, who called for free mass for all workers and higher hazard pay and benefits for health workers and frontliners. 

Just transition for transport modernization

PAGGAWA also called on the government to allow the return to operations of provincial buses and Jeepneys and immediately involve drivers and conductors in the planned modernization of public transport. Association of Genuine Labor Organizations (AGLO) Vice President Eduardo Laurencio explained, "Our drivers and conductors are not opposed to modernization. However, this modernization process must not leave our transport workers to fend for themselves. No one must be left behind! A just transition can only be achieved if transport workers and operators are involved in the decision-making processes regarding reforms towards cleaner and modern public transport". 

Laurencio added, "Transport workers are aware of the need for an systematic and organized approach in public transport to lower the risks of COVID19 transmission. But with the gradual opening up of the economy, the current suspension of traditional PUVs is only promoting anarchy as commuters scramble for a ride with the decreased volume of jeepneys and public buses. Dyip at bus, Ibalik sa pamamasada!," Laurencio added. 

Pampublikong serbisyo hindi negosyo, disente at ligtas na pabahay sa maralita

Socialista President Eding Villasin criticized government inaction in the recent hikes in the prices of food, water and electricity rates, the increasing occurrence of demolition to urban poor communities, amid the overlapping crises brought by the pandemic, recession, and successive typhoons. "Unregulated markets would not only lead to profiteering by opportunistic capitalists but the denial of basic needs to a desperate population. The government should not leave the needs of its citizens at the mercy of market forces especially in times of multiple crises. One such need is for safe living spaces to poor families in urban areas, who are usually regarded as a hindrance to progress but are actually the essential but lowly paid workers that drive commerce in densely-populated cities. Price control! Decent safe housing!"

Multisectoral demands, Fight as One

The labor-led PAGGAWA march was joined in by organizations from different sectors such as multi-sectoral groups Sanlakas and Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), farmers' group Aniban ng Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (AMA), and the youth activist group Samahan ng Progresibong Kabataan (SPARK). Among the demands that they raised are the repeal of rice tariffication law, academic break for all students, and holding government officials criminally liable for neglect, mismanagement, and the bungled response to the health, jobs, and climate crises. 

Ka Leody concluded, "Sa araw ng dakilang manggagawa na si Gat Andres, nananawagan tayo sa ating mga kamanggagawa't kababayan na magkaisa’t lumaban para sa kanilang kalusugan, kabuhayan, kaligtasan! At the onset of emergencies, the instinctive reaction for individuals is to secure themselves and their loved ones. But our collective experience - with nine months under a pandemic, three quarters of negative economic growth, and a recent string of super typhoons - should be enough to highlight the need for solidarity, as a class and as a people. Divided, we will perish. But united, we are a force for change. We must fight as one and compel the Duterte regime to protect the Filipino people, especially the workers and the poor, from the intertwining crises on our health, jobs, and lives". # 

PAGGAWA is composed of the following labor centers and federations: Associated Trade Unions (ATU), Association of Genuine Labor Organizations (AGLO), Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), Katipunan ng Samahang ng mga Manggagawa (KASAMA), Kilusan ng Manggagawang Makabayan (KMM-Katipunan), Metro East Labor Federation (MELF), National Union of Builders and Construction Workers (NUBCW), Socialista, Solidarity of Unions in the Philippines for Empowerment and Reforms (SUPER), Workers Advocates for Struggle, Transformation and Organization (WASTO). # 

For reference, please contact: Ka Leody De Guzman

May 1, 2013 rali

Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

Itigil ang Tanggalan!

Itigil ang Tanggalan!
Disenteng Trabaho para sa Lahat!

kagutuman sa kabila ng kahirapan

kagutuman sa kabila ng kahirapan

Mga Tagasubaybay

Slam Evil, Slam Apec

Slam Evil, Slam Apec
November 1996