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Sabado, Disyembre 29, 2018

Beware of ‘holiday pork’ – labor leader

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino
December 29, 2018

Beware of ‘holiday pork’ – labor leader

Labor leader Ka Leody de Guzman of Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) warned the public today against the “full force of patronage politics” as politicians casually give out gifts allegedly out of benevolence during the holiday stretch but are actually engaging in premature campaigning.

De Guzman issued this warning after an estimated 40,000 people endured long queues on Christmas Day in Davao City as they expected a present from President Rodrigo Duterte.

"Patronage politics rears its ugly head by donning a Santa Claus outfit. The yuletide holidays before an election year is a time for grand giveaways by traditional politicians”.

He alleged that the usual recipients are barangay officials and workers who would be expected to mobilize votes for them in upcoming polls.

De Guzman added that "holiday pork is deadly, not only the traditional fatty food associated with the holidays but more the lagresse by politicians who use the holidays to exploit the poverty, misery and desperation of the majority of our countrymen".

The labor leader condemned what appeared to be gift-giving sponsored by generous, incumbent politicians, but according to him is actually insulting because the gifts were actually derived from people's pockets via their taxes.

"Duterte could not boast of his popular support as showcased by the tens of thousands in queue in Davao. The long queues are reflective of the millions who live below the poverty line in the city that he once ruled for twenty-two years. Proof that his 'Change is coming' remains illusory to the workers and the poor," he furthered.

The PLM candidate for senator says he was not surprised that the Palace remained mum when the issue of pork barrel during the last sessions of Congress hit the headlines earlier this month.

“The Executive branch could have easily intervened by abiding by the Supreme Court decision prohibiting pork barrel allocations to legislators but even enabled them. They are just as accountable as the legislators. The president himself not only tolerates the scamming of the poor but is actually leading in the perpetuation of poverty, misery and desperation,” he pressed.

De Guzman likewise dismissed the recent Social Weather Station survey result which claimed that the president’s net satisfaction rating climbed to ‘very good’, gathering plus six points from his September rating.

He explained that the “shameless full-display of gift giving schemes that exhibit political patronage” at the highest levels of our government is the reason behind Duterte’s popularity ratings.

"No amount of chicanery and blinding survey results can fool a hungry mob as the air of hopelessness thickens as the new year approaches with the administration all set to unleash the second wave of oil excise taxes on January that will further aggravate prices of basic goods,” the labor leader concluded.###

Biyernes, Disyembre 28, 2018

Labor leader predicts brain drain to worsen with next round of TRAIN 1 oil excise taxes

Press Release 
28 December 2018

Labor leader predicts brain drain to worsen with next round of TRAIN 1 oil excise taxes

Veteran unionist and senatorial aspirant Ka Leody de Guzman of the militant Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) in a statement warned on Friday against the “imminent and increasing exodus” of young, talented and skilled Filipinos in search of greener pastures abroad in 2019 as the second tranche of oil excise taxes takes effect on January 1.

Citing results of a Gallup poll conducted from 2015 to 2017 which indicated that the Philippines’ potential net migration index (PNMI) stands at – 9 percent, the labor leader claimed that frustration has been building up alongside a restive labor front specially among the young adults.

Gallup, an American management consulting company says the PNMI measures the total potential net change to the adult population by subtracting those who would like to move out of a country from those who would like to move into a country.

"The best and the brightest of Filipinos have been leaving the country with the continued implementation of the neoliberal policies of deregulation, liberalization, privatization, contractualization ever since the Cory Aquino administration. But runaway inflation induced by the oil excise taxes of the Duterte administration since last year maybe the final straw to break the camel's back,” De Guzman said.

He explained that even if the poll was conducted from 2015 to 2017, before the meteoric rise in the price of basic goods but the rising inflation rate in 2018 which is expected to continue in 2019 with the second wave of oil excise taxes, will only give more reason for our young workers and college graduates to migrate to other countries.

The poll also revealed that 16 percent highly educated Filipinos will likely leave the country to work or live abroad. Also, about 13 percent of the Philippines' young population — aged 15 to 29 seeks to move out if everyone around the world could migrate where they wanted.

“Unfortunately, with the taxation shift from income to consumption, the tax burden is more felt by the the poor although they did not benefit from the increased exemptions to income taxes. Worse, they are overtaxed and yet they hardly feel the social services and safety nets that were promised to be part of the tax reform measures.

We could not blame the youth for opting to migrate abroad; bled dry by taxes, unserviced and abandoned by the state, and now further agitated by the recent acquittal of politicians charged with plunder,” De Guzman surmised.

However, the labor leader added that the suceeding administrations were not "alarmed over our brain drain as they all adhered to the tacit policy of labor exportation, as OFW remittances keep the consumption-based economy afloat".

He laments that the “ruling elite do not have a vision of sound national development based on industry and agriculture, that generates more jobs for the majority of our countrymen. They are mere rent-seekers who live on taxes created by migrant Filipino workers".

To prove this assertion, the BMP leader cited the utter failure of the government to produce one million jobs annually as mandated by its Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 as the practice of contractual employment remains prevalent.

He says that measly number of jobs generated is easily negated by the hundreds of thousands of workers who lose their jobs as their contract expires or as the principal employers replace their subcontractors.

In order to impede the brain drain, De Guzman proposes that government veer away from its falsified export-oriented, import-dependent economic path.

“We should pursue the modernization of agriculture and economic industrialization while ensuring living wages and regular jobs, in order to provide not only for the needs of the Filipino consuming public but also to the working class that created all social wealth," he concluded. ###

Linggo, Disyembre 2, 2018

Faulty economic and labor policies, not Chinese workers, to blame for unemployment and underemployment

December 2, 2018

Faulty economic and labor policies, not Chinese workers, to blame for unemployment and underemployment

To counter what it sees as “misplaced nationalism”, labor leader Ka Leody de Guzman today of Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) said that “Chinese migrant workers are not the enemy” as netizens point to the influx of migrant workers from China as a cause to the prevailing problem of lack of regular jobs.

De Guzman clarified, “As a country with a proud history of anti-colonial struggles and as a responsible member of the community of nations, we should not tolerate encroachments of any foreign power to our sovereignty but neither should we approve of xenophobia and racism”.

“Senator Villanueva should be criticized for fanning the flames of hatred against the Chinese workers and its people. We should learn to demarcate between the government of China and its people. Chinese migrant workers, who come to the Philippines to work, are no different from overseas contract workers, who seek greener pastures abroad because of the lack of regular jobs with decent wages in the country”, Ka Leody, who is also seeking a Senate seat under the Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) added.

Sen. Villanueva earlier pressed for a crackdown on illegal Chinese workers as he also eluded that they are competing with Filipino workers in the domestic labor market. Senator Risa Hontiveros also issued the same sentiment.

“As a workers’ organization, the BMP extends its class solidarity with the Chinese migrant workers and calls on the Duterte government to guarantee their safety against racist attacks, verbal or otherwise, in the same way that we want host countries to protect and safeguard overseas Filipino workers,” he emphasized.

Ka Leody expressed deep sympathy with the Chinese workers in the country “because I am a worker and I know how they feel”. De Guzman was a garments worker from Aris Philippines before he served trade unions and labor organizations as a full-time organizer.

According to the Labor department, they have issued 119,814 special working permits to foreigners from 2015 to 2017. Of the total, 51,000 permits were issued to Chinese nationals, with some 2,000 related to jobs in the construction in the past three years.

He said that, “It is evident that the seething anger to Chinese migrant workers, as evident in various comments in social media, is rooted in the desperation of our countrymen for the lack of decent jobs in the country. The recent Social Weather Station survey points to eroding job optimism with an estimated unemployment of some 9.8 million Filipinos”.

“Some of our irate countrymen, unfortunately, are barking up the wrong tree. They should blame the Duterte regime and its predecessors for the tacit policy of labor export, which relied on OFW remittances to keep the economy afloat, and for the state abandonment of local agriculture and industry, sectors that traditionally composes the bulk of the jobs generated for our labor force”.

“But if they are condemning Duterte’s subservience to the Chinese government,  BMP will gladly join them in protests against onerous foreign loans and its aggressive expansionist drive in the Southeast Asia, with Malacanang as its witting accomplice,” he concluded. ###

Miyerkules, Oktubre 24, 2018

Pahayag sang BMP Negros


The Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) Negros condemn the Barbaric acts of those group of Gunmen resulting Sagay Massacre.

"Hustisya para sa tanan nga biktima sang Sagay Massacre" kag sa tanan pa gid nga mga biktima nga may katulad sini nga paghimakas. kami ang nagapati nga bunga ini sang mapiguson nga sistemang kapitalismo kag palpak nga programang agraryo ini ang obligasyon kag nagapanguna nga katungdanan opisyal sang gobyerno, ilabi na gid sa DAR Negros.

Isulong nga "tapuson na" ang Pribado nga Pagpanag-iya paagi sa tingob nga Paghili-usa, pagpangabudlay kag alalangay nga pagbahinbahin sang Produksyon kag pagpanag-iya sini sa tanan nga may ka-angtanan sa kusog pangabudlay.

Martes, Oktubre 23, 2018

Labor leader calls to expedite the dismantling of haciendas in light of Sagay massacre

Press Release
23 October 2018

Labor leader calls to expedite the dismantling of haciendas in light of Sagay massacre

Veteran labor leader Leody de Guzman today condemned and blamed the Duterte administration for the massacre of nine farmers who were tilling privately owned farm land in between harvest and planting season to meet their families food requirements. Among the victims in the Hacienda Nene massacre in Sagay City included two minors and four females.

The labor leader said that the Sagay incident “will most likely occur again because of the current administration’s neglect and lack of resolve to address the plight of peasants and farmworkers three years into the president’s term”.

“As chief executive, Duterte has the authority to promulgate policies that will address the root causes of all agrarian disputes and expedite the process of the turning over huge tracts of land to agrarian beneficiaries but instead Duterte simply sat on the clamor for the redistribution of land,” said De Guzman, chairperson of Bukluran ng Manggagawang.Pilipino and candidate for a Senate seat under Partido Lakas ng Masa.

A study by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) published last December 2017 reported that more than 600,000 hectares of agricultural land remain undistributed. The majority of which are in the Bicol region and the Negros provinces.

He also lamented that the administration in the past three years could have easily issued marching orders to the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board but instead the president opted to neglect their needs and even encouraged the encroachment of foreign companies on Mindanaoan farm lands.

De Guzman ascertained that even if the police capture the culprits and the mastermind to the brutal slayings agrarian unrests will continue to erupt nonetheless as the issue of landlessness and inexcusable neglect for the sector remains.

“Not unless the landlessness of the rural multitude is addressed, there will be massacres of hapless peasants dotting the archipelago. Poverty and social injustice will sweep the countryside fueling the rise of insurgency,” he warned.

The plight of the peasants and farmworkers, according to De Guzman “is further exacerbated by the liberalization of agriculture, the lack of government support for its modernization as cartels remain unchecked leaving the rural folks poor, hungry and desperate”.

He adds that the police should not blame the farmers for trespassing on privately owned farm land. “Their grumbling stomachs has driven them to plant crops that they can live on till the next planting season. We must seek policy reforms in order to alleviate their conditions”.

The labor leader also believes that food inflation brought about by the increase of excise taxes since January of this year contributed heavily to yoke burdened by farmers.

De Guzman called on the public specially the land reform claimants to utilize next year’s election to support candidates with realizable, concrete platforms to resolve land disputes and to punish rabid anti-land reform candidates by organizing a protest vote.###

Sabado, Oktubre 20, 2018

Labor group tells Comelec Commissioner to stand firm vs. ‘political bullies’

Press Release
20 October 2018

Labor group tells Comelec Commissioner to stand firm vs. ‘political bullies’

Commission on Elections commissioner Rowena Guanzon gained the support of a militant labor group and urged her to “stand firm against politicians and incumbent partylist groups in pushing for the dire reforms needed to make our electoral processes more inclusive”.

Speaking before the launching of “Eleksyon 2019,” Guanzon said she supported moves to amend Republic Act No. 7941 or the Party-list System Act since the anti-political dynasty constitutional provision lacks an enabling law to deter members of political clans to use the partylist elections as a backdoor for their ambitions.

Several incumbent officials came out with statements castigating Guanzon and reminded her to abide by the 2013 Supreme Court ruling that allows established political parties and non-marginalized groups to participate in the partylist elections

“Incumbent officials are doing everything in their power to stifle the electoral process by discriminating against the marginalized sectors who seek societal change via the elections. Waged and salaried workers account for almost 43 million of our population and yet we are the least represented in Congress,” lamented Luke Espiritu, president of Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP).

The group welcomed the statements of Commissioner Guanzon and says it is refreshing to know she seeks that our elections return to the spirit to why the partylist system was infused in our electoral process in the first place.

Espiritu asserts that, “this is precisely the reason why we seek change by vying for a seat in Congress because discrimination and injustice has been molded and structured in our laws, making it impossible for democracy to work”.

Despite the 2013 SC decision, the group admits that it will take a Herculean effort on their part to come out triumphant in the 2019 elections.

Another obstacle to the inclusivity of the electoral process BMP claims, is the Senate bill 911 (SB 911) of Senator Sherwin Gatchalian that proposes to penalize those the COMELEC may deem as nuisance candidates.

SB 911 did not gain the support of the poll commissioner and called it discriminatory.

He adds, “Gatchalian’s bill is elitist to say the least. There should be no monopoly in public service. The barring of candidates from marginalized sections and even branding them as nuisance practically makes elections an exclusive exercise of the rich and famous”.

“Penalizing poor candidates will further breed marginalization and social injustice. SB 911 is not only a mockery of the elections but a mockery of democracy as well”, the labor leader reasoned.

The group advised Senator Gatchalian that if he genuinely seeks to reinforce the sanctity of our electoral processes, he must enact a bill that will prohibit candidacies of those with major offenses against the people.

“Plunderers, human rights violators, protectors of criminal syndicates, those who tolerate impunity and the like are the ones that should be prohibited from running. They are the ones who mock the entire legal system even if their day jobs are legislators,” he suggested.

BMP banded with groups Teachers Dignity Coalition, womens group Oriang, Sanlakas and Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng Maralitang Lungsod to form Partido Lakas ng Masa Coalition which seeks a Senate seat as well as representation in House of Representatives through the partylist elections.###

Biyernes, Oktubre 19, 2018

Nationwide protests against new version of proposed Charter: RBH No. 15 (Cha-cha, ‘nak) is the evil spawn of the Duterte-GMA alliance

October 19, 2018

Nationwide protests against new version of proposed Charter: RBH No. 15 (Cha-cha, ‘nak) is the evil spawn of the Duterte-GMA alliance

Protests in several key cities and urban areas were held today to condemn the Resolution of Both Houses No. 15 (RBH No. 15), a new version of proposed changes in the Constitution sponsored by House Speaker Gloria Arroyo, along with 21 other lawmakers.

“Duterte has long since harped on Cha-cha and federalism as the solution to the misery and poverty of the Filipino people. But with RBH No. 15, his ulterior motives are brought to the fore. Their version of Cha-cha is self-serving to say the least. It would not address the urgent concerns of the workers and the poor - skyrocketing inflation, starvation wages, contractualization, the continued defunding of social services in the national budget,” Partido Lakas ng Masa Coalition (PLM Coalition) spokesperson, Leody de Guzman said.

He added, “RBH No. 15 paves the way for a more liberalized plunder of the national economy and the nation’s coffers, by foreign monopolies and political dynasties. It is an evil spawn - a Cha-cha, ‘nak – between Gloria Arroyo - a rabid pro-capitalist economist before she became president - and Rodrigo Duterte - the warlord from Davao and current resident of Malacanang”.

Deleted: Prohibition on political dynasties and term limits of public officials

The labor leader explained that RBH No. 15 removed the prohibition on political dynasties after failing to enact an enabling law to implement the ban on dynasties for more than three decades.

“Without this, voters will be forced to choose the lesser evil among political clans, or between rival siblings of a ruling dynasty, in the upcoming May 2019 elections,” he expounded.

The RBH No. 15 also junked the prevailing term limits for public officials. “The term limit brought discomfort to political dynasties as they were forced to transfer position to their spouse or their children in order to maintain in power. The Duterte-GMA Cha-cha sought a Gordian Knot solution to this overriding concern of political dynasties”.

Deleted: Entire articles on “National Economy and Patrimony” and “Social Justice and Human Rights”

The RBH No. 15 also junked the entire section of the Constitution on “National Economy and Patrimony”. De Guzman said, “The spirit of the prevailing highest law of the land is ‘the Philippines for Filipinos’, hence the 40% limit on foreign corporations in select industries including their ownership on our resources - natural and man-made. This view is obsolete for neoliberal economists like Gloria Arroyo. Now, as if the liberalization of the local economy is not enough, they want a more liberalized set-up to entice more foreign investors to own our country. This proposal is very dangerous, if not treacherous, especially with the expansionist drive of Chinese capital, particularly in Southeast Asia”.

The labor leader, who is also running for the senate, elucidated, “Even though the 1987 Constitution has defects, it has an entire article on ‘social justice and human rights’ it gave recognition to structural injustices in Philippine society. Hence, the creation of an entire article containing the rights of labor, agrarian reform and natural resources, urban land reform and housing, health, women, and the role of people’s organization, in order to protect the majority poor from abuses by the rich and the powerful”.

“Yet, the existing Charter merely granted a nominal recognition to these rights because political power remained concentrated in the hands of the elite. The civilian population is virtually taken out of the political sphere in between elections. In RBH No. 15, some of these rights are scattered throughout the proposed constitution. But without recognition to the principle of social justice and the existence of structural injustices, these rights become ineffectual and illusory”.

Member organizations of PLM Coalition held protests in several cities Friday against RBH No. 15. The mass actions, held in Manila, Laguna, Negros Occidental, Leyte and Cebu, also highlighted the urgent demands on gut issues such as the call for price control on all basic commodities, the scrapping of the TRAIN Law, abolition of contractualization, the enactment of a P750 national minimum wage and the repeal of the Oil Deregulation Law. ###

May 1, 2013 rali

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Das Kapital published on 14 Sept 1867

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